Availability of areas and facilities for physical activity for the non-registered public


  • Andrea Vášková Department of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague




physical activity; wellness centre; non-registered public; accessibility; evidence of facilities and areas; development of the territory


The conference on sustainability and accessibility of sports infrastructure organised by the NSA in 2022 showed how the issue of accessibility of sports and physical activities for citizens is crucial in the context of ensuring a healthy lifestyle for the general non-registered public. It also confirmed that there is a lack of any national concept for the country that addresses this topic. One of the key factors in promoting regular physical activity among the general public is accessibility, both geographic and financial. This paper outlines the current approaches to the development of databases for these places in the Czech Republic, which is the subject of the author's PhD thesis. They demonstrate that unless a national register of areas and facilities for sport and physical activity is quickly created, it is impossible to have an objective basis for planning the urban development of these places. Using the example of an analysis of selected cities in the country, it is shown that just few existing facilities are year-round complex wellness centres and that there is an insufficient number of them in relation to the demands of the people in the localities. Finally, a system of uniform methodology for the registration of suitable places and their relevance for the preparation of urban plans of town and municipality is outlined.


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