• Acta Salus Vitae

    ISSN 1805-8787

    The mission of the scientific journal "Acta Salus Vitae" is publishing of original peer-reviewed scientific papers in English. The journal is published 2 times a year with deadlines of 1st May and 1st November of the actual year. Scientific journal "Acta Salus Vitae" is the first scientific journal in the Czech and European environment presenting serious scientific results in the field of wellness. By publishing this scientific journal in the modern scheme of Web of Science we aim to create new scientific platform in the down defined base of wellness and its consequences in the area of health promotion and quality of life. Scientific platform of the journal is open for wellness problematic experts, e.g. pedagogues, educators, physicians, physiotherapists, physiologists, psychologists, coaches, etc. The platform of the scientific journal" Acta Salus Vitae" is determined in the thematic areas:

    • Scientific theoretical foundations of wellness, health and quality of life. Methodology of research in wellness. Philosophical and ethical principles.

    • Physical, mental, social, moral and economic aspects in relation to human health. Wellness in the environmental context. Wellness issues in the school and work environment. Intervention projects, applied research.

    • Wellness and lifestyle. Principles of protective and health nourishment. Sleep habits in relation to wellness and quality of life. Adequate exercise regime, adapted physical activities. Wellness programs and wellness procedures in relation to health benefits.

  • Diagnostics and Consultancy in Assisting Professions

    ISSN 2570-7612
    Diagnostics and Consultancy in Assisting Professions is a scientific journal published by the College of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA, Ltd. and its goal is to be a publishing platform for applied research and theoretical studies focused on diagnostics and counseling in various areas of client support - pedagogical, psychological, career, personnel, social, nutritional, sports, anthropological, etc. In the interest of the highest quality we follow the principles on publication ethics and transgressions against it.