Wellness, well-being a pohybová aktivita


  • Václav Hošek College of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA, Prague, Czech Republic


Well-being, wellness, cool, satisfaction in sport, experience in sport.


Wellness expresses the capability to be a source of personal well-being. Physical activity (sport) is one of the pillars of personal well-being and can contribute on personal well-being or its manifestation possibly . Intermediate moments are analyzed as "self" factors related to sport activities in the broad sense of the word and factors of physical condition evoked by sport activities. Positive influence is mostly visible in yoga and other oriental systems of exercise. Many projects are highlighting the influence of fitness and wellness activities on mood and personal wellbeing. Social moments interact in aerobic exercises. The states called "cool" typical for experiential sports mean well-being in stress situation. The well-being in sports can be connected with our own "exercise niche"- intraindividual evaluation using relation norms and principles of " discomfort turning into comfort" using turning theory of emotions.



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