Participation of the Czech association yoga in daily life in health promotion in Czech Republic


  • Milada Krejčí College of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA, Prague, Czech Republic
  • David Hornof Association Yoga in Daily LifePrague, Czech Republic


Czech Republic; National Strategy for Health 2020; Yoga in Daily Life courses; Health promotion; Application spheres; Research activities.


Czech government in the document of “National Strategy for Health Protection and Promotion and Disease Prevention” is going out from the World Health Organization (WHO) document “Health 2020”. On this base, for citizens is guaranteed the right to enjoyment of highest attainable standard of health without any discrimination. Czech Republic belongs among the states that allow and highly appreciate cooperation with public, private, non-governmental organizations and civil society in order to promote health and harmonious development of people. The Czech Association Yoga in Daily Life is a non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organization. Activities of the Czech Association Yoga in Daily Life are focused specifically to human health promotion, humanitarian activities, to environment protection, tolerance promotion, to liberty and respect among religions, cultures and people, and to world peace protection. Analyses of obtained data from the period 2000-2015 declare that the Czech Association Yoga in Daily Life is the biggest yoga association in Czech Republic in nowadays. Its activities are organized in 26 associations active in 108 cities and villages of the Czech Republic and, primarily are devoted to health promotion through the education and practicing according the education program "Yoga in Daily Life-System” created by Paramhans swami Maheshwarananda. In addition every year the Czech Association Yoga in Daily Life organizes national and international scientific seminars, workshops, conferences relating to human health promotion and development.

The research study has been supported by Grant Agency of Czech Republic - project GAČR No ID 17-25710S


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