• Milada KREJČÍ College of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA, Prague, Czech Republic


Health life style understanding is particularly important in health care today, when continuing waves of immigration bring new challenges for health protection and policy of public health. Decisions, in what research or treatments to invest the most activity, are closely related to their effect on an individual's quality of life. Quality of life is a degree of well-being felt by an individual or group of people. It consists of physical, mental, social and spiritual components. The physical components include condition and body health, diet, protection against pain and disease. The mental, social and spiritual aspects demonstrate in habits and behaviour, include stress management, worry, pleasure and positive or negative emotional states during social contacts. An individual's quality of life will increase depending on the degree to which that individual acquires own needs. These needs are unique to each individual and correspond with social and spiritual level and nowadays are formed in tendencies to hedonism, commerce, radicalism, etc. They can include material possessions, as well as spiritual needs, peace and quiet or freedom and harmony interaction. In the new issue of the journal “Acta Salus Vitae” are presented new actual approaches. High attention is given to focus on the analysis of protective and risk factors in children healthy development in the international context of authors’ investigations. In articles well resounds focus of health literacy development, ideas of humanity and democracy, harmonizing of chronobiological determinants of health, food and nourishment, associated with a physiological response.


Going forward into the New Year 2016, let me to wish to all journal participants good health, peace, harmony and prosperity.


Milada Krejčí

Vice-rector for Science and Research

College of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA




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