Rajko Vute, Franjo Krpač, Tatjana Novak



Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to determine the ways of spending free time among Slovenian elderly women who participated in the project Sport for Healthy Life. A sample consisted of 64 women from the Central region of Slovenia, ages 66 to 78, divided into two groups: project members and a control group. Data for this study was gathered and completed in November 2008. The instrument used for analyzing the free time activities of elderly women was A Physical Activity Questionnaire for the Elderly (VOORRIPS, et al., 1991). The data has been processed by SPSS 8.0 software for Windows programme (BRYMAN & CRAMER, 1999). The level of statistical significance was set up at p < 0.05. Basic statistical characteristics were computed (absolute, relative frequency). The probability relations among the presented variables have been tested by the Chi-square. The main aim of this research is to obtain information how elderly women spend their free time with regard to no sport or sport related activities. The most frequently reported no sport related free time activities were predictable - watching TV and gardening, while among sporting free time activities walking in various forms (walking into nature, fast walking, slow walking) dominated. The presented data suggests that, due to the popularity of walking, cycling, mountaineering and swimming, and the time needed for practicing them, we could extend the creation of free time programmes and implementation into community centres and contribute to the quality of life of a wider population of the elderly. 

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