Peter R. Rehor


Main contention in this paper is that we in Health, Physical Education and Recreation, across all levels and especially in the professional preparation, desperately need to widen the window through which we view the world.  While some of our values and beliefs are still of public importance some of our practices may need to be realigned with the immediate society needs and interests. We need to initiate a dialogue regarding the future, a dialogue that is sensitive to human needs as well as economic reality.  As a re conceptualist and re constructivist of health-physical education and exercise science professional preparation curricula I am convinced that the future of our profession is mainly within the academic preparation of an Exercises and Wellness Professionals. 

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Rehor, P. R. Wellness specialist – Expanding Integrated Health Network Team. In: Krejčí, M. et al. Wellness v životě moderního člověka (Wellness in the life of modern man). Prague: VŠTVS PALESTRA (in pres)


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