Milada KREJČÍ, Marek BANACH, Tetsuo HARADA, Hitomi TAKEUCHI, Fujiko TSUJI


In the paper is presented a study relating to the circadian preferences in boxers in Czech Republic. It was interviewed in total 50 boxers to exploration investigation. To the analysis of circadian regime were used only complete and well filled out questionnaires. There were analysed data of 20 hobby boxers and of 6 boxers-competitors. The statistics analysis showed that sleep habits in these two samples of boxers are not significantly different. A significant difference was demonstrated during sleep, when boxers-competitors had problems to fall asleep and needed longer time to fall asleep compared to the sample of the hobby boxers. Another interesting result is negative influence on the quality of sleep due using of computers or other displays in both samples of boxers. Research has clearly shown that the more time spent on computer equipment of the boxer, it is guiding to worse quality of sleep. In the study also eating habits were analysed. The significant difference between the investigated samples of boxers was found in milk consumption when in hobby boxers milk consumption is significantly higher than in boxers-competitors.


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