Using of anthropological methods in evalution of childhood overweight and obesity


  • Pavel Bláha College of PE and Sport PALESTRA Prague, Czech Republic


overweight, obesity, anthropological methods, BMI, Matiegka´s eguations.


The problem of childhood obesity is at present of major interest. Obesity is characterized above all by excessive body weight associated with cumulating of body fat. This is associated with cumulating of risk factors some of with are manifested already in childhood. The prevalence of obesity is increasing steadily in advanced countries as well as some developing countries. This trend is manifested the cause is in the imbalance between the energy intake and energy output, however, relationships only respective. Obesity is multifactorial disease. The simplest manner of defining obesity is provided by selected methods of clinical anthropology, e.g. using of Matiegka´s formulas. This method analysed body composition, is non-invasive, easy to use in the field, suitable for short-time examination of patients and relatively cheap.


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