Measuring of health-related benefits of physical activity in high school students


  • Petr Rehor Camosun College/Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence Interurban Campus
  • Zuzana Kornatovská University of South Bohemia Faculty of Education, Dept. of Health Education


Health-related benefits of physical activity; High school students; Smokers; Non-smokers; Comparison of Males and Females; Blair’s 7-day physical activity recall questionnaire.


The health-related benefits of physical activity have been researched and proven on a number of occasions over the past thirty years.  Despite this large quantity of evidence, much of society remains sedentary. The present study investigated the physical activity levels, TV/Computer viewing time and prevalence of smoking of Northern Tasmanian high school students.  Blair’s 7-day physical activity recall questionnaire was completed by 133 males and 129 females (N=262). The results showed that males were more physically active than females. It was also discovered that Northern Tasmanian high school students were highly physically active. There was no relationship between TV/Computer viewing and physical activity. There was also no significant difference between the physical activity levels of smokers and non-smokers.  The study identified the need for future research to focus on multiple administrations of the 7-day recall questionnaire on a number of different population groups.


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